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Catch me in an online conference/interview February 15th

Invitation to listen in on an online interview and foodie conference


February 10, 2021

As one with a passion for food and relationships built through agreat meal, I understand how mealtime can become a chore instead of a pleasure.With that thought in mind, I want you to meet one of my friends who I had areally enjoyable interview with, Peggy Roulo.


Peggy is the host of Food, Family, and Friends and is hosting anonline conference on Feb 15th. Check out info here and below are options to register to hear my interview!


Peggy is a wife, mother, and fellow foodie. She grew up ona farm in a large family which practiced farm to table in a creative and funway.  Mealtime for her was a family and friends affair.


Because of her lifelong love of food, Peggy has followed herheart bringing her out of the education field into owning her own bakery. She then went on to owning a restaurant and catering business.  Herbiggest reward with her ventures was to see people laugh, have greatconversation and build relationships as they enjoyed something wonderful toeat. 


Since so many are stuck at home during these times, Peggy hasdecided to put together a series of interviews which encourages those who feelmealtime has become a challenge.  Her fabulous guests are going to lessenthe fear and bring out the fun for mealtime.  


In case you are wondering who the speakers are, here are just afew of note:  Mary Ann Esposito, Nick Stellino, Cat Neville, and so manymore.  I have a complimentary ticket for you to attend.  >> Pleaseregister using this link.


Just so you know, you will be able to watch from your home,office, or on the go.

This is for anyone who wants to enjoy time with their family andfriends in the kitchen and around the table, making mealtime less stressful andmore fun.


Again, here is the link to register for this fantastic series tomake meal prep and time around the table more relaxing, fun and to buildrelationships with family, friends and loved ones.  >> Join UsToday!



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