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What Are Spark Bites?

Spark Bites helps bring back the sparkle.

Warren Brown

April 11, 2020

Spark Bites are an ideal energy snack. My goal was to make a snack with healthy ingredients that taste good.

It took a long time to get the recipe right. At first I tried to prioritize protein over carbs and worked with just a few ingredients. Great aspirations, but nothing really tasted good.

As a baker I tend to do better with a laundry list of ingredients. Not until I said to myself, “just make something that tastes good and forget about the rest” did I mix together the base recipe that works.

To me, it knocks out hunger while taking out the trash. Here’s how:

First, it’s loaded with energy dense ingredients to stave off hunger.

Second, the three caffeinated flavors give a full body boost that seems to last longer than a caffeinated beverage, but you can be the judge of that.

Finally, that laundry list of ingredients includes a bunch of pre-biotics that do wonders to support gut health. How? They help our gut flora take out the trash. The bacteria in our large intestine feed off the prebiotics and, among other things, get all the junk and gunk way down there packaged-up and ready to go. It’s a true symbiotic relationship and feels amazing when it’s in balance. If your symbiosis has lost its sparkle (all puns intended), you’ve got a lot of company.

Our American diet isn’t known for prebiotics. I felt very bleh for years and didn’t realize how much my chasis was draggin’. I know this heavy handed and sounds like a commercial, but Spark Bites helps bring back the sparkle. No, it’s not a replacement for exercise and healthy living, but it’s like a jump start that’s more effective at stabilizing my gut than anything I’ve ever tried. I hope it works for you like it does for me.

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